No.1 November

Practical hints on ley hunting by Jimmy Goddard; The Pattern Puzzle by Paul Sreeton; Flying Saucer Visionary by Paul Screeton; John Michell checklist; Dragons & Cavemen Supermen by Neil Etterby

No.2 December

Correspondence etc; Etheric Centres by Circumlibra; A Hunters Tale by Tony Wedd; Dragons & Cavemen Supermen (conclusion) by Neil Etterby



No.3 January

The Way, the Light & the Truth by Tony Wedd; Review of 'The View Over Atlantis' by Paul Screeton; A Somerset Ley Hunt by Jimmy Godard; Science Fiction Section

No.4 February

Long editorial on Glyn Daniel & Ian Rodger & articles in The Listener. Letters.

No.5 March



No.6 April

Allen Watkins on the mathematical probability of leys; Circumlibra on the periods of ley current flow; Anonymous on Stanton Drew.

No.7 May

Tony Wedd on allotechnology; Jimmy Goddard on detecting ley power; Circumlibra on ley centres; Kenneth Knight reviews "The View over Atlantis"

No.8 June

Editorial on Glyn Daniel; Bats, Ghosts & Old Mother Midnight by Paul Screeton; Leys & Mathematical Probability by Tony Northwood

Time for the times to come together (compendium)

No.9 July

A thousand miles apart by Circumlibra; 6 degrees N of NE by Tony Wedd; Local Antiquities F R Watts; Like a Zeppelin by Paul Screeton; John Michell bibliography; correspondence

No.10 August

Circumlibra on Portugal and Derbyshire; Iris Campbell on the laying of the leys; FR Watts on Cotswolds leys; JF Neal on the Key of the Cosmos; John Michell article on Cornish alignments

No.11 September

Prof Lyle B Borst on the Houses of Parliament; Ross Nichols on Wiltshire centres; Nigel Pennick on the Nuthampstead Zodiac; John Wheaton on Meridians on Man; also Dan Butcher, Philip Heselton, and Oliver L Reiser.

No.12 October

Jimmy Godard reports a lecture on the power in stones; Iris Cambell on magnetism of sites and John F Forbes; Allen Watkins on Belloc's ley-impulse; Dan Butcher on an Egyptian alignment.

No. 13 November

Circumlibra meets an elemental; FR watts in the Costwolds; John Michells Dream; Paul Screeton on Redmire; Nigel Pennick on geomancy.

No. 14 December

Tom Cole on the Stanley Zodiac; Paul Screeton on the Fleet Shot Hill Zodiac and a visit to Cambridge; Kenneth Knight at the northern entrance to the Kingdom of Logos; eight pages on the Daniel affair.




No.15 January

Circumlibra on the leys' influence; Dan Butcher on astral projection; Lewis Edwards on the Welsh zodiac

No.16 February

Jimmy Goddard on leys around Addlestone; Stephen Smith on orthotony; Alan Cohen on Sacred Stones; Dan Butcher on The Wandering Turf; Bram on leys and UFOs.

No.17 March

Firth Scott on Scottish circles; M Davidson on a Fenland ley.

No.18 April

Ross Nichols on Brown Willy; Allen Watkins on the straight path in wisdom teaching; Jimmy Goddard reports on a Somerset Zodiac lecture; Circumlibra discusses a gate post

No.19 May

Janet Gregory on The Days when Giants threw Rocks about; Anthony Roberts on Magic and Christian Symbolism; M E Carey on The Secrets of the Megaliths; Atun on Gypsy Lore, zodiacs & Albion;

No.20 June

Antony Roberts on the Monks Ford Ley; Jimmy Goddard on An Unexpected Virgin; Dan Butcher on Helen and Semiramus, builders of roads;

No.21 July

Alfred Watkins notes by his son Allen Watkins; John Michell on Professor Thom and the ley hunters; Jimmy Goddard on Orthoteny - dead or alive?;

No.22 August

A report of the Hereford meeting and picnic at Risbury Camp by Paul Screeton; Janet Roberts on The Yarley Cross ley; Barbara Crump on the ley-line through Monk's Ford Somerset; A view on the South-West by Barbara Crump; Ian Wright on Straight Lines, zodiacs and antiquity.

No.23 September

Ross Nichols on cones and triangles of power; Jimmy Godard on Unusual Trees; Nancy Ford on Glastonbury vision; Enrico Vinci on Radiesthesia

No.24 October

Letter from Tribe of the Temple of the Stars (Cornwall); Leys...an introduction by Paul Screeton; Britain, Albion & the New Jerusalem by Alan Cohen; The Gematria of the Hebrew Cabbala by Kenneth Knight; Who were the Leymen by Christine Crosland Symms; Dee Days by Paul Screeton

No.25 November

The Holderness Zodiac by Philip Heselton; Tomnaverie Stone Circle by Sir Alexander Ogston; White Tower and Spiral Castle by Anthony Roberts

No.26 December

Hestingsgarth by Edward Milles Nelson; The Sacred Hills by Mollie Carey; A Magic Island by Marian Green; TC Lethbridge Obituary




No.27 January

God-names and sighting lines on Exmoor by Ross Nichols; Hestingsgarth pt2; Rothiemay by John Foster Forbes; The Control of Energy in Man by John Wheaton

No.28 February

The Old Straight Track Club by Douglas Wintle; Yarnbury Castle Hillfort by Mollie Carey; The Boatman & the Water-kelpie by R. Dinnie; Ancient America by Anthony Roberts

No.29 March

A couple of leys - plus by Circumlibra; Great Wryley Revisited by Paul Screeton; Ancient America by Anthony Roberts pt2; Review by Doreen Valiente 

No.30 April

Alvediston - Shades of Avalon by Mollie Carey; Bronwen at Aberffraw by Christine Crosland Symms; letters from Alan Cohen; Doreen Valiente; Barbara Crump; Bob Rickard; R.D.Y.Perrett

No.31 May

Atlantis by Christine Crosland Symms; Some Impressions at Stonehenge by Mollie Carey; reviews by Philip Heselton

No.32 June

Thoughts, Crystals & Cosmic Energies by Colin Bord

No.33 July

City of Revelation by Al Cohen; Stone Alignments of Uffington by Mollie Carey

No.34 August

Ley Dowsing by R G Wood; The Scottish Megaliths by Anthony Roberts; Ley-lines between Wales & the Westcountry by Barbara Crump; Australian Aborigines Sacred Paths by Alan Cohen; Ancient Fields by Mollie Carey; John Michell responds to Alan Cohen's criticisms.

No.35 September

Black & Bright by Circumlibra; Ivinghoe Beacon & the Diagonal Ley across Southern England by Ross Nichols; Salt Hill by John Bradley

No.36 October

Announcement re Bord's Mysterious Britain; Tending - as awakening Realisation of an Old Responsibility by Philip Heselton; Orientation and the 3rd Reich by Ernst Zinner; Britain the Haunted Island by Jimmy Godard; Bob Rickard notice

No.37 November

Hawkins in Perspective by John Richardson; Ancient Dorchester by Mollie Carey; extended letters

No.38 December

Descent of the Canon by John Legon; Pieces for the Jigsaw Picture by Circumlibra; Shadows over Glastonbury by Anthony Roberts



No.39 January

Lines of Inspiration by Paul Screeton; The Other Kind of Dream by Alan Cohen; letters incl. Rollo Maughfling

No.40 February

The Little Green Man by Circumlibra; Nine Men's Morris by Doreen Valiente; Willhelm Reich by Leslie Marr; Glastonbury Debate incl Geoffrey Ashe

No.41 March

The Ancient Site of Brighton by Patrick Benham; A Look at Avebury by Mollie Carey; UFO phenomena by Ian B. Wright;

No.42 April

Willhelm Reich pt2 Leslie Marr; Ancient Paths by Mollie Carey; Relation of Alchemy to Spiritual Science by John Foster Forbes

No.43 May

Notes towards a comprehension of the Prehistoric Cosmology by Paul Devereux; More about old Brighton by Doreen Valiente; UFO phenomena pt3 I B Wright

No.44 June

The Dragons of Norwich by Doreen Valiente; All Around Stonehenge by Mollie Carey; Gates of Glory...near Dingle by Ross Nichols

No.45 July

For whom was the web woven? by Paul Screeton; A Ley from Warminster to Glastonbury by Jimmy Godard; Pointers to an elusive giant by Ian Wright; Serpentine Enigmas by Paul Screeton; Gates of Glory...near Dingle by Ross Nichols pt2; announcement re Michell's Old Stones of Lands End

No.46 August

Hood Day by John Radford; Found in a Factory by Circumlibra; Gates of Glory...near Dingle by Ross Nichols pt3; Power and Light in Nottinghamshire by Peter Hannah;

No.47 September

Wanderings on Dartmoor by Paul Devereux; Star Channeling at Glastonbury by Ross Nichols; Wilhelm Reich pt5

No.48 October

Warminster Visits by Paul Baines; Arthur Shuttlewood by William Porter; Ley Points in Cornwall by Allen Watkins; And did those feet in ancient times by Mollie Carey; Landscape Conceptualism on Marie Yates

No.49 November

May Day in Padstow by John Radford; A method for numerological investigation by Ian Somerville (Sommer?)

No.50 December

The moment of discovery by Allen Watkins; Memories of Alfred Watkins by Godfrey Davies; The Spirit of Popular Ley hunting by Philip Heselton; Notes on a Leicestershire Ley Network by Paul Devereux; A bend in the road by Circumlibra; Stramonium by Getafix the Druid; Alderly Edge by S L Birchby; Lines of thought by Phil Grant



No.51 January

Leys, Underground tunnels & Spirit paths by John Michell; Eitel, Feng-shui & the foreigner in China by Bob Rickard; Landscape in Britain exhibition by Paul Devereux

No.52 February

Leicestershire Leys by Janet Bord; William Blake & Places by Robin Holtom; Expansion & Overlapping by Steve Gleadall; poems & news

No.53 March

City of Revelation by Paul Devereux (incl UFO sighting); Explosion & Earthquake of Jan 23rd A.C.M. Jones; Leys & Energy M W Pearson

No.54 April

Factory Folk by Circumlibra; Long Meg & her Daughters by Iris Campbell; Orientations at Firle Down by Arthur George Hubbard; Paul Devereux responds to Janet Bord's criticisms; Review of The Old Stones of Lands End

No.55 May

Old Stones of Lands End by Allen Watkins; Britannia coconut dancers by John Radford; Webs & Mesh by Guy Ragland-Phillips

No.56-57 June-July

John Fuller MP by Mike Collier; Snakes on the grid by Circumlibra; The Lay of the Land by Mollie Carey; Silbury Hill by N P Courtnadge; Secrets of the Orkneys by Chris Lee; An Unobtrusive Divining Rod by Sid Birchby; letter from Paul Devereux

No.58-59 August-September

Prepublicity for 'Quicksilver Heritage'; How do you feel? by Circumlibra; Ancient Paths & Islands by Mollie Carey; Eric Ratcliffe on Piggotts 'The Druids'; John Radford looks at Abbots Bromley Sword Dancers; How straight is the old straight track? by Peter Mabey; Ancient Metrology by R.D.Y. Perrett; English Measuring Systems by Captain Stopani-Thomson

No.60-61 October-November

Two Somerset sites by Jimmy Godard; Bristol Cross Sites by John Michael; Ancient sites of the Essex-Suffolk border P J Manchester; Churches dedicated to St Michael & St Andrew by Barbara Crump; Power Centres by Helio-Arcanphus founder of the Atlanteans; ad for Spectrum magazine

No.62-63 December-January

Leys Quakers and Open Minds by Guy Ragland Phillips; Ley Probabilities by Bob Brown; The Circus by Mike Collier; Solar Serpent Temple by Stephen K Jenkins; In Cherry's(of Zennor) Footsteps by Ed Armstrong; Review of Quicksilver Heritage by Anthony Roberts



No.64 February-March

One Mans Quest by John Wilcock; Myth & Cosmos by Anthony Roberts; Belgian Leys by Eugene Zimmer; Thanet Leys by Jennifer Huitt

No.65 April-May

The Charlynch Ley by Janet Roberts; Objections & Obscurities by Michael W Burgess; Psychoarchaeological Bulletin by Robin Holtom; Auntie has her little joke by Colin Bord; The Long Man by Mike Collier; East Anglian Dragons by Paul Screeton

No.66 June-July

Fairy Tales by Paul Screeton; Aspects of Leicestershire Lore by Paul Devereux; Get on the right track by Richard Colborne; Wider Concepts of Life Lines by J.W. Foster; William Sitwell's Carnac Weekend by Paul Screeton

No.67 August-September

It ain't no coincidence by Robin Holtom; The Saxon Church at Bradford-on-Avon by Janet Roberts; Forgotten Heart of Albion pt2 Paul Devereux; extensive reviews

No.68 October-November

Ley Hunting in Wales by Jimmy Godard; Powys, Britain & The Golden Age by Andrew Larman; Forgotten Heart of Albion pt3 Paul Devereux

No.69 December-January

Amazing by Janet Bord; Hemlockstone Line by Peter S. Hannah; Lyonesse by Anthony Roberts



No.70 February-March

Sharpe's Network of Rectangles by Guy Ragland Phillips; The Walls of Feizor by Circumlibra; Announcement re Paul Devereux as new editor; French and Belgian Literature by Eugene Zimmer; Alignments of Lands End Undercurrents reprint

No.71 April-May

First Paul Devereux editorial; The Ley Hunter by Jimmy Godard; Astroarchaeology & Cosmology by Paul Screeton; Ley Plotting by Stargazer


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